If you haven't tried meditation yet this might be a good time to consider, in between all the Netflix series and the online workouts from your living room, here is your chance.  

I still have a long way to go and the monkey in my mind is far from being calm. But I am curious about the topic and decided to share a few things I found out. 

Don't be upset if you don't really get it at first. It takes a bit of time. Also, there are a lot of different meditations and technique. You might just need to explore it a bit until you find the ones that suit you. 

There is Transcendental meditation, which "The Beatles" got into while writing the White Album. The idea is to repeat a mantra until you "transcend" 

There is Dynamic meditation, suppose to break thought patterns. 

There is the Religion style of mediation when you quietly contemplate scriptures or forms of ritual prayers, 

and there is Budha's meditation, Satipattanha, the traditional form of mindfulness meditation where the goal is to "pay attention" 

"Sati" means attention. "Thana" means to keep. 

Modern science has done many studies on mindfulness meditations, in one from Harvard Health Publishing, done by Carl Sherman, in May 2019, meditation is said to; 

Reduces Stress

Controls Anxiety

Promotes Emotional Health 

Enhances Self-Awareness

Lengthens Attention Span

May Reduce Age-Related Memory Loss

Can Generate Kindness

May Help Fight Addictions

    So if you are interested in any of the above benefits, I have made a shortlist for you. 

    You can start by downloading the top 2 or 3 meditation apps on your phone, like Headspace and Calm. They offer a free trial period. Try different ones and see which ones you like better. 

    Watch the "Mind explained" series on Netflix, there is a great episode on "Mindfulness" full of interesting facts, studies and very graphic and its only 20 minutes :)

    If you are into reading or audiobooks there is a great book called "Why Buddhism is True" by Robert Wright. Great scientific facts showing what happens to our brain whilst meditating. 

    Try starting slowly, even with 5 to 10 minutes of meditation every other day. 

    As Allan Lokos would say " A good meditator is the one who meditates"