Quarantine time is making us a lot more creative in the kitchen, and not only baking. With most cafes closed, there are a lot of self-made baristas on the make. Instagram and Tiktok are helping to spread around this creative wave. This is how Dalgona coffee went viral. This super instagramable whipped coffee is named after a South Korean candy - where it was originated. A few days later TikTok has thousands of videos from people trying the recipe all over the world. 

It only involves three ingredients:

instant coffee, water and sugar whisked together. The creamy mix is then added to hot or cold milk in a glass and voila. Easy, quick and a great caffeine treat for all our fellow locked down caffeine lovers out there. 

Since we've got coffee lovers attention, did you know that among the numerous benefits of caffeine, here are some interesting ones according to caffein informer

  • Caffeinated coffee cuts mouth and throat cancer risk by 50%.
  • Coffee can reduce the risk of stroke as much as 22%.
  • Shown to reduce the risk of several types of cancer.
  • Heart rhythm disturbance hospitalizations decrease with coffee drinkers.
  • Coffee decreases the risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Increases memory 
  • Detoxes the liver 


Sounds like enough reasons for us to try ourselves: 



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