For this article I'm going to be sharing my top booty building exercises and how to achieve a nice round, toned butt! Summers is coming and therefore so are those teenie tiny bikinis (and we don’t want to be covering that butt the whole time with a cover up!)

When I lost a lot of weight, I also lost a lot of my butt with it. Obsessive cardio and little calories left me with a flat little pancake touché – not so pretty. I have learnt that eating the right amount of calories (fats, carbohydrates and proteins) and doing suitable, glute targeting exercises, helps tone and shape that little butt.


  1. The squat - Love it or hate it, the squat is the best booty builder (in my opinion). Making sure you get a full range of motion and go deep and wide with the squat allow you to target the glutes and the hamstrings as the primary muscle group. Using a wider stance allows more depth in the squat therefore allowing you to go lower. There are so many variations of the squat: the bar squat, the goblet squat, air squats, and jump squats etc. these can be used alongside each other in a super set or on their own using all different advanced techniques.

  2. Walking lunges - One of my favourite glute exercises. Since I have started doing walking lunges, I have seen a massive difference in my glutes. I like to use a barbell, although you can use dumbbells, kettlebells or simply using your own body weight. The upward phase of the motion allows all the weight to be placed on the forward leg, utilising your glutes, hamstrings and quads (driving through your heel as you step forward will use those glutes!)

  3. I then like to do lighter weight, glute focused exercises. One is donkey kicks. My favourite variation of the donkey kick is placing a dumbbell in-between your knee (or using ankle weights) and squeezing through the glutes as you perform the movement. I like to do 50 reps on each leg for 3-4 sets to really feel the burn in my butt!

  4. High step ups - using a high step (or soft box) and dumbbells. Drive up through your heel as you step up (the higher the better for the glute activation). I like to do 12-15 reps on each leg for 4 sets at the end of my workout to burn out my glutes. I prefer having a very small rest in between sets and using this exercise as a pulse raiser to really get my blood flowing and my heart rate up- trust me its tiring!

  5. Hamstring curl- you may be thinking ‘why is this girl including a hamstring exercise in a glute building list?’… yes, hamstrings and glutes are different muscles, but by gaining muscle definition in your hamstring, you will gain a very appealing ‘glute-hamstring separation’ (do not forget the hamstrings!)

My professional advice when trying to build a nice booty is to work out how many calories you need to be eating per day to maintain your current weight, and slowly add calories each week until you reach about 500 calories surplus (this will allow muscle growth!). The butt is made up muscles that need to be worked in order to grow and be defined and shaped.

Add these exercises in as super sets, drop sets, or even just as bodyweight high intensity intervals!

Speak soon lovelies!